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Mark-10 TSTM / TSTMH Motorized Torque Test Stands
Mark-10 TSTM / TSTMH Motorized Test Stands
Mark-10 TSTM Test Stand
Mark-10 TSTM / TSTMH Motorized Test Stands
Mark-10 TSTMH Test Stand

Mark-10 TSTM / TSTMH Motorized Torque Test Stands
Price: $3515

currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 40 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)
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Digital Angle Indicator (TST001), Add $902
Overload Protection Module (11-1042), Add $185
Set Point Cable - Gauge to test stand (09-1090),
Add $137
Communication Cable - travel display to Mitutoyo (TSF002), Add $190




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carry the CE mark to comply with European conformance regulations.

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Now available with an optional digital angle indicator!

The Mark 10 TSTM Motorized Torque Measurement Test Stand is ideal for a wide variety of torque testing applications up to 100 lbin, including closure torque testing, fastener torque testing, and more. Motorized clockwise and counterclockwise rotation allows for highly precise and repeatable tests. Versatile modular design allows the stand to be configured for a variety of torque sensors and gripping fixtures while a lever-operated slider with travel stops makes engaging and disengaging samples quick and efficient. The stand includes a torque loading plate with tapped holes for grip and custom fixture mounting and a resetable angle indicator.

Available in vertical and horizontal orientations.

Features / Specifications:

  • Maximum load: 100 lb-in (11.3 Nm)
  • Speed range: 0.3-8.6 RPM (4-52°/s)
  • Speed accuracy: ±5% of setting
  • No speed variation with load
  • Maximum angular travel: no limit
  • Throat: 4.10" (104 mm)
  • Manual adjustment: 12°/knob rev
  • Angle dial with 2° resolution (optional digital angle indicator has 0.1° resolution, see below)
  • Maximum slider travel: 15.5" (394 mm)
  • Slider travel rate: 1.047" (26.6 mm) / lever rev
  • Line voltage: 80-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • The TSTM / TSTMH is supplied with a wrench set

Optional Equipment

  • Series STJ Universal torque sensors - Mount directly to the TST. A wide range of capacities is available. Mark-10 TSTM / TSTMH Motorized Test Stands  - Digital angle indicator
  • Force/torque gauge - The BGI displays the torque readout of the STJ sensor
  • BGI mounting kit - For securing the BGI to the column. Height adjustable.
  • Digital angle indicator (shown right) - Displays cw or ccw angle in 0.1° resolution for approximately 278 rotations, resettable with "zero" button. Accurate to ±0.7°. Includes backlight. Three sets of mounting holes allow the indicator to be mounted perpendicular to, or parallel to the test stand column. It can also be repositioned along the column. Rugged aluminum housing.
  • Jacobs chuck grip - Universal grip for samples or custom fixtures. Available in capacities of 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2". Mounts to the torque plate.
  • Closure grip - Universal grip for closures up to 4.8" dia.
  • Overload protection module - Protects against accidental overloads during motorized tests. Adjustable from 20 - 110% of the sensor's capacity.
  • Set point cable - Stops test stand rotation at programmable high and low set points for clockwise and counterclockwise torque. Requires the BGI.
  • Custom modifications - Special modifications are available, including custom-designed fixtures, increased column length, and more.


Model Capacity x resolution Price
TSTM Test stand, motorized, 500 lb, vertical, 110V $3515 TSTM
TSTMH Test stand, motorized, 500 lb, horizontal, 110V $3515 TSTMH
TST001 Digital angle indicator for TST-Series stands $902 TST001
TSFM002 Limit switch kit for TSFM500 / TSFM500H $380 TSFM002
11-1042 Overload protection module, gauge to test stand $185 11-1042
09-1090 Cable, set point, gauge to test stand $137 09-1090
TSF002 Horiz. / wall mounting kit for TSF Series and TST Series stands $190 TSF002



Mark-10 TSTM / TSTMH Motorized Test Stands


Mark-10 TSTM / TSTMH Motorized Test Stands






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