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Mark-10 MG Digital Force Gauges

Mark 10 MG Digital Force Gauges

Mark-10 MG Digital Force Gauges
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Shipping Weight: 10 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)
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Double handle grip for MG
(AC1003), Add $85
Single handle grip for MG
(AC1003-1), Add $70



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The Mark-10 MG Digital Force Gauge is an economical solution for push and pull testing of up to 500 pounds. A rugged reversible aluminum housing allows for hand-held use or test stand mounting. Three push buttons allow the user to easily select units of measurement, reset zero, and recall tensile and compressive peak loads. Use the MG with a test stand and gripping fixtures to create a complete testing solution.


  • Low cost and small, compact size
  • Compatible with all Mark 10 test stands and grips
  • Small size
  • Rugged, reversible aluminum housing for hand use or stand mounting
  • Automatic peak memory with recall for tensile and compressive loads
  • Automatic shutoff after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Programmable default configuration
  • Push-button calibration
  • IPM - Intelligent Power Management system informs the user of the battery status and shuts off the instrument to ensure reliable operation
  • Selectable units of measurement
  • Battery or AC operation
  • Same housing size for all capacities


  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% of full scale ±1 digit
  • Sampling rate: 30 readings/sec
  • Display: 4-1/2 digit LCD with 0.3 inch (7.6 mm) high characters, indicators for low battery, units and mode of operation
  • Non-rechargeable 9V battery, operation possible using the included AC adaptor
  • Safe overload: 150% of capacity. Display shows "==" at 110% and above
  • Battery life: 30 hours of continuous operation. IPM, a 3-step Intelligent Power Management system will warn the user via "LO BAT" indicator and then will shut off the gauge
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs (0.3 kg) - gauge only
  • Environmental requirements: 40°F - 100°F [5°C - 45°C], <96% humidity (non-condensating)
  • Warranty: 3 years

Mark 10 EG Digital Force Gauges

Mark-10 EG force gauges are supplied in a cushioned carrying case with AC adapter, rechargeable battery, hook, flat, user's manual, and NIST-traceable certificate of calibration

Mark 10 EG Digital Force Gauges
The Mark 10 EG force gauge is compatible with all Mark-10 force measurement test stands. It is shown here in a compression testing application, mounted to an ES30 test stand with optional items: digital travel display and extension rod

Reversible Housing - A Mark-10 Exclusive

All Mark-10 force gauges have reversible housings that allow the user to use the gauge with the load cell shaft pointing up or down, without the inconvenience of upside-down buttons and display. The housing for Mark-10 BG and Series EG gauges is reversible by separating the two halves and reassembling them with just one connector - an extra bit of engineering that will make your testing setups quicker and more efficient.

Mark 10 BG Digital Force Gauges


Optional Equipment:

  • A wide range of test stands and gripping fixtures
  • Outputs package - RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs. Available at time of purchase or as an upgrade.
  • Overload protection module - Protects the force gauge against overloads during motorized tests, adjustable from 20 - 110% of gauge's full capacity. For use with Mark-10 motorized test stands.
  • Output cable - Send test data to a PC, statistical printer, or other data collector for further analysis.


Model Capacity x resolution
MG012 0.12 x 0.0001 lb, 50 x 0.05 gF, 0.5 x 0.0005 N, 110V $641 MG012
MG025 0.25 x 0.0002 lb, 100 x 0.1 gF, 1 x 0.001 N, 110V $641 MG025
MG05 0.5 x 0.0005 lb, 250 x 0.2 gF, 2.5 x 0.002 N, 110V $641 MG05
MG2 2 x 0.002 lb, 1 x 0.001 kgF, 10 x 0.01 N, 110V $517 MG2
MG5 5 x 0.005 lb, 2.5 x 0.002 kgF, 25 x 0.02 N, 110V $517 MG5
MG10 10 x 0.01 lb, 5 x 0.005 kgF, 50 x 0.05 N, 110V $517 MG10
MG20 20 x 0.02 lb, 10 x 0.01 kgF, 100 x 0.1 N, 110V $517 MG20
MG50 50 x 0.05 lb, 25 x 0.02 kgF, 250 x 0.2 N, 110V $517 MG50
MG200 200 x 0.2 lb, 100 x 0.1 kgF, 1000 x 1 N, 110V $641 MG200
MG500 500 x 0.5 lb, 250 x 0.2 kgF, 2500 x 2 N, 110V $641 MG500



Model ØA B C Thread
0.2 (5.8)
0.19 (4.8
0.35 (8.9)
0.312 (7.9)
0.44 (11.2)
0.60 (15.2)


Mark 10 EG Digital Force Gauges






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