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Imada UK Compact Mechanical Force Gauges
Imada UK-Series Compact Mechanical Force Gauge

Imada UK Force Gauges
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  • Measures only 4-1/2" L x 2-1/2" W x 2" D
  • Ideal for OEM or permanent installation 
  • Specially designed dial retains peak values
  • Capacity up to 50 pounds 
  • Dedicated tension (UKT) and compression (UKK) modes




The UK series mechanical force gauges are dedicated compression or tension only instruments for use in confined spaces, or for permanent installation into a piece of equipment or machinery.  The specially designed dial will retain peak values while simultaneously displaying real time measurements.  The threaded shaft will accept any of the standard FB/PS replacement measuring tips.


Pounds Kilograms
Compression Tension Compression Tension
UKK-5 5 x 0.05 lbf
UKT-5 5 x 0.05 lbf
UKK-3kg 3 kgf x 25 gf
UKT-3kg 3 kgf x 25 gf
UKK-10 10 x 0.10 lbf
UKT-10 10 x 0.10 lbf
UKK-5kg 5 kgf x 50 gf
UKT-5kg 5 kgf x 50 gf
UKK-20 20 x 0.20 lbf
UKT-20 20 x 0.20 lbf
UKK-10kg 10 kgf x 100 gf
UKT-10kg 10 kgf x 100 gf
UKK-30 30 x 0.25 lbf
UKT-30 30 x 0.25 lbf
UKK-20kg 20 kgf x 200 gf
UKT-10kg 20 kgf x 200 gf
UKK-50 50 x 0.5 lbf
UKT-50 50 x 0.5 lbf
UKK-30kg 30 kgf x 250 gf
UKT-30kg 30 kgf x 250 gf







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