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Imada FB-Series Mechanical Push/Pull Force Gauges
Imada FB/PS Mechanical Push/Pull Force Gauge

Imada FB-Series Mechanical Force Gauges
Price: All Models $430
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Shipping Weight: 10 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)
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The rugged construction of the FB gauges will withstand industrial environments and yet retain calibration for extended periods.  The ergonomic design makes it ideal for hand-held use, or the gauges can be mounted to a test fixture.  The zero-tare ring allows you to zero the gauge to compensate for measuring adapters and changes in measuring position, and the real time/peak hold selector switch allows you to observe transients or capture peaks.

Many ranges are available to cover all of your measurement needs. The FB gauges are sold as kits complete with gauge, hard carrying case, five measuring tips (flat head, conical, chisel, notched and small hook) as well as a 3" extension shaft.  The PS resolution is 2 times greater than FB and the kit includes everything in the FB kit plus a large hook and Y-hook.


  • Simple, rugged and virtually maintenance free FB Kit in carrying case
  • Retains a high degree of accuracy for extended periods
  • Ergonomic, heavy-duty metal construction
  • No batteries needed
  • Intrinsically safe in hazardous environments
  • Capacity up to 100 pounds (push/pull)
  • Overload capacity 165 pounds on all ranges
  • Tare ring
  • Real time and peak mode
  • Full set of accessories and carrying case included
  • Optional attachments
Pounds Kilograms Newtons
Model Capacity x Resolution Model Capacity x Resolution Model Capacity x Resolution
FB-32oz 32 x 0.25 oz
FB-1kg 1 kg x 10 g
FB-10N 10N x 0.05 N
FB-2 2 x 0.02 lb
FB-2kg 2 kg x 20 g
FB-20N 20N x 0.1 N
FB-5 5 x 0.05 lb
FB-3kg 3 kg x 25 g
FB-30N 30 N x 0.2 N
FB-10 10 x 0.1 lb
FB-5kg 5 kg x 50 g
FB-50N 50N x 0.25 N
FB-20 20 x 0.2 lb
FB-10kg 10 kg x 100 g
FB-100N 100 N x 0.5 N
FB-30 30 x 0.25 lb
FB-20kg 20 kg x 200 g
FB-200N 200 N x 1 N
FB-50 50 x 0.5 lb
FB-30kg 30 kg x 250 g
FB-300N 300 N x 2 N
FB-100 100 x 1 lb
FB-50kg 50 kg x 500 g
FB-500N 500 N x 2.5 N
FB-150 150 x 1 lb - (Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S.)







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