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Hoto Super EX Hand Durometer / Hardness Tester

Asker Super EX Hand Durometers from Hoto Instruments
Asker Super EX Hand Durometers shown with optional peak indicator above

  • Click here for Asker CL-150 Constant Load Test Stands
  • Click here for Asker Reference Specimens

Hoto Instruments
Asker Hand Durometers and Equipment

Asker Super EX Hand Durometer / Harness Tester from Hoto Instruments

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Shipping Weight: 10 lbs

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Asker Super EX Hand Durometers from Hoto Instruments
Asker Super EX Kit above

Asker Super EX Hand Durometers from Hoto Instruments

Asker is one of the leading manufacturers of durometers in the world. Asker design and precision manufacturing produce a reliable, highly accurate durometer.

  • Model EX-A* Type A Normal rubber
  • Model EX-C* Type Asker C Soft rubber and sponge

Hardness is an essential characteristic of various rubber, elastomers and plastic products. The first step in using a hardness tester is to select the optimum type based upon the material hardness.

Asker Super EX durometers feature portablility, ease of operation, non-destructive measurement and optional peak indicators. They are heavy-duty with high repeatability.

Hoto Super EX Hand Durometers


As the durometer is pressed against the sample, the material resistance force and indentor spring load balance. The depth of the indentor is measured, which provides a measure of the material's hardness. Values are based upon a 100 point scale (accuracy ±1 point). However, as time elapses the indicator will "creep" back so that a reading taken a few seconds after the durometer makes contact with the sample will be less than the peak reading. Hoto Instruments durometers offer a peak indicator as an option to more closely monitor the difference between peak and "creep".

Hoto Super EX Hand Durometers

Super EX

Reference Specimens Available
Model Description Peak Indicator Compatible Constant Load Stand Price
EX-A Type A - Normal Rubber No E-1000,CL-150L, CL-150M,CL-150R1 $370.00
EXP-A Type A - Normal Rubber Yes E-1000,CL-150L,CL-150M, CL-150R1 $399.00
EX-C Asker C - Soft Rubber and Sponges No E-1000,CL-150L,CL-150M $370.00

Asker Super EX Hand Durometers from Hoto Instruments

Reference Specimens

These test blocks are convenient references to the durometer's operating condition. Available for type D (80 points) and type A (70 and 50 points).

Model Description Price
RS-A For Type A 50 & 70 point
RS-50A For Type A 50 point
RS-70A For Type A 70 point
RS-80D For Type D 80 point
RS-C For Type C 74-77 point


Asker Reference Specimens from Hoto Instruments

Asker Reference Specimens from Hoto Instruments


Shipping Weight: 5 lbs






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