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Chatillon Gripping Fixtures for Force Testing

Chuck Grips  
GF-51 - 5/32 Jacob's chuck GF-52 - 1/4 Jacob's chuck
Compression Fixtures  
TG-86 - Square low force square compression platens TG-64 - Circular Direct Compression Platens
TG-87 - Circular Low Force Compression Fixtures TG-162 Circular Compression Jig
TG-36 Rectangular Direct Compression Platens TG-37 Rectangular Direct Compression Platens
Wedge Action Grips  
GF-9 - Universal Tensile Grips 01-1388 (TG-15) - Sliding Wedge Grip
GF-11 - Miniature Tensile Grip TG-33 - Spring Loaded Tension Grip
Vise Action Grips  
GF-1 - Tensile Grips TG-33 - Light Load Clamp Grips
GF-12 - Miniature Component Grip 01-0671 (TG-34) Thin Film Vice Grips
GF-53 - Miniature Tensile Vise Grips TG-300 Extra Pressure Vice Grips
01-1590 (TG-74) Adjustable Rear Face Vice Grips TG-65 Double Bollard Grips
01-1502 (TG-26) Quick Release Vice Grips  
Self-Tightening Grips  
GF-6 - Narrow Width Rubber & Fabric Grips TG-23 - Double Bollard Grips
GF-7 - Fabric Grips 01-1829 (TG-12) - Bollard Grips
GF-22 - Foam Testing Fixture TG-20 - Self-Tightening Bollard Grips
TG-14 - Self Tightening Roller Grip 01-2091 (TG-22) - Eccentric Roller Grip, 50 mm
01-2092 (TG-10) - Eccentric Roller Grip, 25 mm  
Flexure Grips  
GF-54 - Low Force Three Point Bend Fixture  TG-18 - Three Point Bend Fixture
Friction, Peel, Paper & Adhesion Fixtures  
GF-8 - Circular Plates for Adhesives Testing TG-136 - Adhesion Grips
TG-35 - Coefficient of Sliding Friction Jig TG-38 - 90° Peel Strength Jig
TG-580 - Climbing Drum Peel Test Jig TG-72 - Finch Device for Tensile Testing Wet Paper
Clevis Grip  
GF-2 - Clevis Grip  
Wire, Yarn, Thread & Cord Grips  
GF-3 - Wire Grips GF-10 - Wire Terminal Test Fixtures
GF-4 - Miniature Filament Grips 01-1829 (TG-12) - Bollard Grip
GF-5 - Cord and Twine Grips TG-32 - Spring Loaded Clamp Grip
01-1608 (TG-11) - Vise Action Grips  
Pneumatic Grips  
TG412 - Pneumatically Actuated Vise Grips, 1100 lb Capacity TG420 - Pneumatically Actuated Vise Grips, 110 lb Capacity
TG412F - Foot Actuated Pneumatically Actuated Vise Grips, 1100 lb Capacity TG420F - Foot Actuated Pneumatically Actuated Vise Grips, 110 lb Capacity
TG412H - Hand Actuated Pneumatically Actuated Vise Grips, 1100 lb Capacity TG420H - Hand Actuated Pneumatically Actuated Vise Grips, 110 lb Capacity
Food Service Grips  
*BEC - Back Extrusion Food Cell *BCJ - Butter Cutting Jig
*KSC - Kramer Type Shear Cell *FEC - Ottawa Forward Extrusion Testing Cell
*SBS - Warner Bratzler Shear Blade Set SPAG - Spaghetti / Noodle Testing Fixture
*VBS - Volodkevitch Bite Set *TG82 - Magnus Taylor Puncture Probe Set
CO - Cone Series Probes BA - Ball Series Probes
*TPP - 3 Point Bend Jig CY - Cylinder Series Probes
DAIRY - Dairy Kit BASE - TA500 Base Table
FOOD - General Food Probe Kit BAKERY - Bakery Kit

*Requires TA500 Base Table






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