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CAS LP-II Thermal Label Printing Scale / Grocery Scale
CAS Label Printing scale / deli scale

CAS LP-II Thermal Label Printing Scale / Grocery Scale
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Labels: Continuous Labels, Case of 6 320' rolls, add $99
#8000 - Non UPC Labels, $8
#8010 - UPC Labels, $8
#8020 - UPC with Ingredients, $8
#8030 - Non-UPC with Safe Handling, $8
#8040 - UPC with Safe Handling, $8
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A Feature Packed Label Printing Scale!

Legal for Trade
  • Fast and simple operation
  • 60 pound capacity and dual range
  • Kilogram conversion at the touch of a button
  • Menu-driven and user friendly
  • High speed thermal printer
  • Free format label design
  • Rugged tactile keys
  • Network by using ethernet
  • Over 2,000 characters per PLU!
  • Cash drawer
  • 99 floating clerk!
  • Includes trial version of advanced Windows® 95/98/2000/XP full featured software


Weighing Capacity x readability (0~30 0.01lb / 30~60 0.02lb
0~15 0.005kg / 15~30 0.01kg)
Legal for Trade NTEP # 98-202A2
WEIGHING UNITS Pound & Kilo push-button selectable.
CHARACTERS PER PLU Ingredients : 2000 char. MAX
PLU Name : 114 char. MAX
INTERFACES RS-232 Serial Port
Ethernet Port
Maximum Label Size 3.15 W x 6.69 L inch
(800 W x 170 L mm)
100m (0.06 miles) max cable length
OPERATING TEMP - 10 C 40 C(14 F 104 F)
PLATTER SIZE (L)403mm (15.87 in.)(W)260mm (10.24 in.)
POWER SOURCE 85 240VAC 50/60Hz 5%
PRINT SPEED 100mm/ sec (4 in./sec)
SALES PERIODS Dual totals for daily/monthly or user selectable reporting periods.
SALES REPORT MODES Read : 1, 2 Modes
Read & Reset : 1, 2 Modes

Click here for dimensions

CAS LP-II Label Printing Scales - Features

Tactile Switch Keyboard

  • 106 speed keys
  • Sealed keyboard minimizes possible damage from moisture
  • LP-II use heavy-duty tactile switches instead of membrane "keypads"
  • Keys are strategically placed in order to minimize user effort
Tactile Switch KeyboardTactile Switch Keyboard

LP-II connectionsScale Network (see diagrams)

The LP-II label printing scale uses Ethernet (TCP/IP) for the network to program, update and maintain sales data for up to 99 scales when PC is master. When scale is master ,then up to 32 scales can be connected. With 6-digit PLU numbers that can be assigned to 32 departments, you can partition the sales data to suit any need. The master receives sales data from all scales the moment sales are transacted.

Advanced Features and User-Friendly Menu Driven Programming

  • Convenient cash drawer
  • Fast speed 10 Mbps network
  • Extended memory
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Large bright vacuum fluorescent display
  • Graphical display guides user on how to proceed with sales or programming
  • Dot matrix VFD: 256 x 64 resolution
  • 7 segment VFD
  • Variable label sizes (see some examples of labels the LP-II can print)
  • Max label width: 3.15 inches (80 mm )
  • Max label length: 6.7 inches (170 mm)
  • Max label roll diameter: 4.72 inches (12 cm)
  • Scrolling Messages
    * Each scale can sequence and display up to four different messages from a list of 99 user programmable messages
    * Each message can be shown using any of 6 special effects

  • Ideal for High Volume - The CAS LP-II uses very high quality thermal print head and printer parts designed to run in the toughest environments. Large printer compartment can house high capacity label rolls, eliminating the need for frequently replacing the finished label roll.

  • Security - With "password protection" the LP-II is able to keep unauthorized users from operating the scale. You can also use the security features to grant limited access to certain users. Assigning various levels of access to different users allows the scale to be securely operated in practically any environment.

  • Prepackaging - The CAS LP-II label printing scale has several features to aid in any backroom application. The PRE-PACK mode enables the user to quickly print labels without the hassle of having to press the PRINT key with every transaction. PREPACK also prevents the AUTOCLEAR feature from interrupting the packaging process. The AUTO and SAVE features can be used to accommodate "special" packaging needs.

  • Keyless Operation - With the CAS LP-II there are no awkward keys to lose or locks to fumble with. A password entry method allows for up to 99 users per network or scale.

  • Bar-Coding - The CAS LP-II has six built-in barcode types to choose from. Selecting the "open bar code" option in PGM mode allows the LP-II to print virtually any barcode format. Additionally, each PLU can have its own unique barcode type and format. For maximum convenience, the LP-II can print multiple barcodes on each label.

  • Batteries and Memory - You just got your new LP-II on Friday morning and have finally finished programming 400 PLUs into your new scale by Friday night. You return on Monday only to find that you left your scale unplugged! All that work down the drain? That might be true if the LP-II used battery backed RAM like all other printing scales.. but it doesn't. The CAS LP-II uses Flash RAM which needs no power to maintain its contents. So, if you leave the scale unplugged for one weekend or 1000 weekends, it doesn't matter. You will never lose your programming due to low or dead batteries!

  • Sales Reporting - If keeping track of sales through the point of sale system or cash register just isn't enough, then the LP-II can also aid in tracking sales. You can print or display numerous types of sales data: X MODE for reading sales data and Z MODE for reading and resetting. On a network, the Master and Mirror Master scales are updated on the fly in order to keep accurate accounts of store wide sales at all times! Out of continuous strip media? Need to print sales reports? Any label will do! So long as the LP-II has labels or media of any type, you can print perfectly legible sales reports.

CAS LP-II Advanced Software Package

With so many advanced features, how can you keep track of it all? You would probably need a PC, sophisticated and expensive software and highly trained personnel to work with it, right? Not with the CAS LP-II. All you need is a PC running Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/2000/XP operating system. Every LP-II comes with a trial version of the LP-II software package that gives you the power to program, edit and update virtually every feature of the LP-II. The LP-II also gives you the power of designing your own label formats (click here for examples) on your PC in "What you see is What you get" format. You can design up to 1000 label formats per store file! You can manage virtually an unlimited number of stores! So long as you have hard drive space, you can manage as many stores of up to 32 LP-II scales per store. With such powerful software and the advanced CAS LP-II scales, you can't go wrong with the LP-II system!

Thousands of PLUs at Your Fingertips

Whether you have a specialty store or an average deli you can keep track of all your PLUs prices, sales, availability, advertising, etc. Sort your PLUs in various ways and generate a computer printout for fast accurate database management. Do you need to generate labels for some items that are not scalable or food related? No problem! The LP-II has three types of PLUs: Weighed, Non-Weighed and Non-Food. Each has its own unique uses but all are flexible enough to fit virtually any demand.

32 Independent Departments

Whether installed on a network or standalone, each scale can be assigned to one of 32 programmable departments. This allows that scale to directly select all PLUs from that department for quick and accurate access. But what if you are in a jam and you need scale #1 to access PLUs from another department? You can do that too! You can also indirectly access all other PLUs from ALL other departments. This numbering scheme allows for 32,999,999 PLU numbers! This also will let you use the same PLU number across different departments: for example PLU #1 in Deli Department may be different from PLU #1 in Bakery.

Labels, Labels, Labels (click here to see a sample of label formats)

Free-formatting, a large capacity label compartment, and an extra wide print head allow the LP-II to print on virtually any size media. If the label fits in the scale, then you can use it! So long as the labels are thermal and are the proper specifications, you can use it.

Whether you need to print a Nutritional Panel, a Safe Handling template, a logo or perhaps all three, the CAS LP-II is the scale for you! PLUs can have ingredients lists with up to 2000 characters and commodity names can have3 lines of 38 characters. That's a whopping 2114 characters per PLU! You can select different style Nutri-facts panes, Safe Handling templates, built in logos, or design your own using the advanced software package that is included with every LP-II!. The LP-II software package is designed for Windows® 95/98/2000/XP operating systems. It allows you to maintain all scale programming as well as up to 999 individual label formats per "store file". About 60 label formats are provided.

Flexible and Reliable Networking

PC Master

Scale master and slave

Server System

Dimensions and Diagrams

CAS LP-II Diagram - front view
Front View (mm / in)
CAS LP-II Diagram - top view
Top View (mm / in)
CAS LP-II Diagram - side view
Side View (mm / in)

Sample Label Formats

CAS Label sales report

CAS Label

CAS Label

CAS Label - nutrition facts

CAS Label with Logo, ingredients, bar code and nutrition facts
CAS Label

CAS Label

CAS Label

CAS Label

CAS LP Labels






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