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AND AD-4401 Digital Weighing Indicators
AND AD-4401 Digital Scale Indicators

AND AD-4401 Digital Weighing Indicators
Price: $940
currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)
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Options: AD-4401-BCD Parallel BCD Output (Open Collector), Add $255  
AD-4401-04 RS-232C Serial Interface, Add $209
Setpoint Unit, Add $615
Analog Output (4~20mA), Add $332
Front Panel Bezel to Match AD-4323 Dimensions, Add $35

High Performance Weighing / Batching Indicator
For batching, loss-in-weight, check weighing or simple static weighing. High Speed, High Accuracy, Fail Safe Operation

The AD-4401 Indicator is highly recommended for batching, loss-in-weight, check weighing, or simple static weighing. It provides System Self-Diagnostics, Superior Free-Fall Control and 8 modes of Weighing and Batching Programs

  • 100 times per second high speed sampling
  • High display resolution to 16000 counts
  • Up to 1 million counts of A/D resolution
  • Monitor and control weighing and batching with external or internal resolution
  • Fuzzy and Automatic Free Fall Compensation (AFFC) for consistently accurate batching results
  • Enter control setpoints through front keys or remotely through external thumbwheels
  • Automatic weight and/or count accumulation
  • Sub display provides feedback on all setpoints and simplifies calibration
  • Supplementary flow function assures accurate performance on each batch
  • A host of communications capabilities: RS-232C, RS-422/485, BCD, analog output and standard 20mA Current Loop
  • Connect up to 10 AD-4401's with AND's RS-422/485
  • Compact DIN size housing speeds installation and reduces space
  • Digital Span Calibration enhances technical support and difficult installations
  • Splash proof front panel and keys (IP-65)
  • High sensitivity to 0.3µ V/d for more accurate measurements
  • Automatic batching and customer programming capability
  • Bright, clear fluorescent displays
  • Hold and peak hold functions
  • User programmed timer settings and alarms improve operational safety and performance
  • Weigh-In and Loss-In-Weight Batching

System Self-Diagnostics

The most important factor in the installation of any weighing or controlling system is to assure that all cables, I/O connections and options are set up and working correctly. This can be very time consuming and difficult, adding to the expense of the installation. The AD-4401 weighing indicator solves this problem by providing System Self Diagnostics that can check:

  • All installed options
  • All I/O connections (without the need for test equipment)
  • Setpoint connections
  • Control Keys
  • A/D converter input value

Superior Free-Full Control

The type of material being batched, ambient temperature, flow rate, consistency of the material, and many other factors impact the accuracy of any batching process. The AD-4401 weighing indicator provides two types of free fall compensation which may be selected according to batching contitions: Fuzzy Free Fall Compensation is particularly effective in batching inconsistent material, such as sand with stones; honey, whose flow rate changes according to ambient temperature; and flour, which is susceptible to sticking to the sides of the discharge gate.

High Performance A/D Converter

New Sigma Delta A/D converter IC provides high speed, high resolution and high sensitivity in a very small package, that saves space, reduces parts and lowers cost.

AND AD-4401 Digital Scale Indicators

Customer Programmable Control I/O Pins and "F" Function Key

Each batching installation has different I/O requirements. The AD-4401 adapts to these requirements by allowing the programming of each of its Control I/O pins. The user may assign up to 6 input functions from a selection of 14, including: Zero, Tare Batch Start, Emergency Stop, Discharge Start, Clear Tare, Accumulation, Hold and others. Up to 8 output functions from a selection of 16 may also be selected, including: Zero Band, Under & Over Limits, Full-Medium-Dribble Flow, Discharge Gate Open, Batch Finish and others. Additionally, the programmable "F" function key on the front key pad of the AD-4401 may be programmed for each special operation, including: Manual Print, Hold, Batch Start, Emergency Stop, Clear to Zero, Clear Tare or Clear Total. (The US version may be programmed for lb/kg conversion)

Eight Modes of Weighing Batching Programs are Available for:

  • Weigh-In Batching
  • Loss-in-Weight Batching
  • Check Weighing
AND AD-4401 Digital Scale Indicators

AND AD-4401 Digital Scale Indicators

Rear Panel View

Standard Serial Output: 20mA current loop output to AND's peripheral device

Setpoint: Changes settings of each comparison value using a thumbwheel or AD4401-05 setpoint unit

User defined control I/O pins:
Select 6 of 14 control input commands
Select 8 of 16 control input commands

AND AD-4401 Digital Scale Indicators


Analog Input and A/D Conversion
Load cell excitation 10 VDC ±5% 230mA, Remote Sensing (up to 8 load cells at 350/load cell)
ZERO Adjustment Range 0.3mV-+20mV
Input Sensitivity 0.3µ V/D (min)
Input Signal Range -1mV ~ +15mV
Load Cell Drive Capacity up to 8 units of load cells at 350 ohms/load cell (max 120mA)
Zero Temperature coefficient 0.02µ V + 8ppm ofdead load)/°C TYP
Span Temperature coefficient ±8ppm/°C reading (typ)
Non-Linearity 0.01% of full scale
Input noise ±0.3µ Vp-p
Input Impedance 10M ohms minimum
Maximum Input noise less than 0.4 µ Vp-p
A/D Conversion Method Sigma Delta
A/D Resolution 1,000,000 counts (maximum)
Maximum Displayed Resolution 20,000 counts (maximum)
A/D Conversion Rate approximately 100 times/second

Digital Section
Main Display 7 digit, 7 segment blue fluorescent display, 13mm character height, displays weight
Sub Display 8 digit, 7 segment blue fluorescent display, 7mm character height, displays Tare, Final weight, Accumulated weight, Count of measurements
Display Resolution 16000D
Minimum Division Times 1, x2, x5, x10, x20, x50
Under ZERO indication "-" minus sign
Annunciator Keys Setpoint, Zero, Tare, Net/Gross, Enter, OPR/STB, F, CAL
Programmable "F" Keys Select One: Emergency Stop, Clear to zero, Clear tare, Clear total, Manual print, Hold, Loading start or No capability

Power 85~132V AC or 170-264V AC, 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature range -5°C - 40°C (23°F - 104°F)
Storage temperature range -15°C - 70°C (-5°F - 158°F)
Operating Humidity Less than 85% RH (non-condensing)
Weight approximately 2.7 lbs (1.3 kg)

5.43 w x 2.68 h

Memory Battery Backup Lithium over six years without AC power
Standard Accessories Manual, Fuse, Sticker, Serial Connector, Load cell connector, Rubber foot, Terminal cover







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