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AND AD-4329 Digital Scale Indicators
AND AD-4329 Digital Scale Indicators

AND AD-4329 Digital Scale Indicators
Price: $510
currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)
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Options: AD-4329-01 BCD Output, Add $180
AD-4329-02 Relay Outputs, Add $95

The AND Weighing AD-4329 digital weighing indicator is expanding business through price performance and application diversity. It is the best choice for a variety of applications: platform scale, packer scale, hopper scale, truck scale, and checkweighing.

  • Standard RS-232C interface
  • 4 point digital linearization across full span
  • Triple ranges on weighing capacity are available
  • Optional relays for comparators and filling
  • Vacuum fluorescent display
  • Accumulative data is stored into memory automatically or manually
  • Comparator output (HI / OK / LO) to optional relays
  • Set-point comparison for batching applications (Near Zero / Prelim / Target / Free Fall)
  • Selectable weighing ranges (up to triple ranges)
  • Standard RS-232C
  • 1/20,000 displayed count resolution
  • Powers up to 8 units of load cells at 350 ohms
  • Average time and width can be selected for various applications
  • RFI/EMI protected
  • Meets OIML Class III specifications
  • Mount on panel, column or desktop
  • Enters predetermined tare weight from keypad
  • Can be controlled via external input
  • 2 year warranty

AND AD-4329 Digital Scale Indicators

AND AD-4329 Digital Scale Indicators

AND AD-4329 Digital Scale Indicators

Rear Panel View

  1. Standard RS-232C interface or optional BCD output (AD-4329-01)
  2. Optional relay outputs (AD-4320-02)
  3. External control output
  4. Standard current loop output
  5. Load cell connector

AND AD-4329 Digital Scale Indicators


Analog Input and A/D Conversion
Load cell excitation 5 VDC ±5%
Input Sensitivity 0.2µ V/D (min)
Input Signal Range -1mV ~ +15mV
Load Cell Drive Capacity up to 8 units of load cells at 350 ohms/load cell (max 120mA)
Zero Temperature coefficient 0.02µ V + 8ppm ofdead load)/°C TYP
Span Temperature coefficient ±8ppm/°C reading (typ)
Non-Linearity 0.01% of full scale
Input Impedance 10M ohms minimum
Maximum Input noise less than 0.4 µ Vp-p
A/D Conversion Method Integrating dual-slope type
A/D Resolution 40,000 counts
Maximum Displayed Resolution 20,000 counts (maximum)
A/D Conversion Rate approximately 10 times/second

Digital Section
Weight Display 7 digital 7 segment vacuum fluorescent display, 13mm character height
Display Resolution 20,000 counts (max)
Annunciators Stable, Zero, Point, Gross, Net, Tare, Accumulation, kg/t or lb

Power 100 to 240V AC (to be switched on voltage request), 45 to 65 Hz, 30VA
Operating temperature range -10°C - 40°C (14°F - 104°F)
Storage temperature range -10°C - 70°C (14°F - 158°F)
Weight approximately 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
Dimensions 192 w x 165 d x 96 h mm






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